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EPDM Commercial Roofing Installation

EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a rubber roofing material that is considered one of the top choices for commercial building owners.  It works best for flat or low-slope roof styles. If you are looking for commercial installation of EPDM for your business, reach out to the team at Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction. We have plenty of experience helping business owners get roof repairs and installations done quickly and correctly. EPDM comes in either black or white to best fit the look of your building. The material is extremely durable, and can provide reliable service for decades. Some specific types of EPDM are made to be fire retardant, or come reinforced with polyester fabric to make the material stronger and longer lasting. White EPDM is a highly reflective surface, and is recommended for its ability to prevent heat absorption. Our expert technicians have extensive experience with the installation and maintenance of this material, and can ensure that you receive an optimized roof for your investment dollar. To ask any questions or schedule service for the installation or maintenance of EPDM in Osage Beach and Lake Ozark, MO, give us a call today at

(844) 877-ROOF.

Installing EPDM

EPDM is easy to install, because it typically comes in rolls sized to fit the project roof. Larger sized rolls also mean fewer seams on the roof. A smaller number of seams means less of a chance for water leaks. The size of the roll usually maxes out at 50 feet, so depending on the size of your roof, there may be no seams at all. Once the material is rolled out, it is just a matter of adhering it to the top of the roof with liquid adhesives or ballasts. Some newer formulations come in a peel-n-stick variety that eliminates the need for adhesives, which makes the installation job much faster and less messy.

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