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Shingle Repair & Replacement Service

Shingled roofing is by far the most popular option for homes. It is durable, affordable, and simple to maintain. Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction has dependable service for shingle repair and replacement. Reach out to us today for more information about shingles in Florida or Missouri.

When a roof is replaced, we recycle our shingles so that they are put to good use instead of being dumped in a landfill. The recycled shingles are then used to create roads and highways. This practice not only protects the environment, but also creates jobs for the crews who build our roadways. It additionally saves the city from the need to pay more for non-recycled materials. You can learn more about the benefits of asphalt shingle recycling here. To ask any questions of our team or schedule service, call us today at (844) 877-ROOF.


Types of Shingle Materials

There are many materials out there used to make roofing shingles. The most popular in the United States is fiberglass-based asphalt. These are simple to install, and come in varieties that can last 20 to 50 years. In some parts of the world, you’ll find that wood is still used, though it is typically banned because of the fire hazard it presents. Stone or slate tiles are expensive to install, but are still great materials that do not degrade over time. If maintained properly, they can last 100 years.


Is It Time to Replace the Shingles on Your Roof?

There are a few common types of problems you may come across with asphalt shingles. If you notice any signs of these issues on your roof, it may be time to get repairs done. 


Lifting: Shingles should lay flat against each other to protect the roof. If they begin to lift, you run the risk of leaks. Sometimes they will begin to lift because of an improper installation that did not secure them properly. A common cause of shingle deformity is storm damage. Strong winds and debris blown onto a roof can damage and loosen the shingles.

Curling: This is more common with older roofs. The curling is typically caused by moisture accumulating on the roof or a problem with ventilation.

Missing Granules: Asphalt has a coating of small granules to protect the shingle from the sun. If you begin to see lots of little granules in the gutters, it time to replace the worn out shingles. Without the granules, the asphalt will deteriorate and leave the roof exposed to elements.

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