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Roof Repair and Replacement Service

A roof represents your main line of defense in keeping the outside elements from entering your home. For roof replacement and roof repair in Osage Beach and Lake Ozark, MO, contact Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction. You can also receive a free consultation or schedule an inspection, so call us today at (844) 877-7663 to learn more about our services.

Common Roof Repair Needs

Roof Leaks: Worn areas of the roof are susceptible to leaks. It is important to have repairs done as soon as possible to keep any water damage from spreading.

Missing Shingles: Shingles are prone to damage from weather. It is always a good idea to have shingles replaced as needed to prevent other issues from arising.

Weather Damage: Wind, hail, and flying debris can cause all kinds of trouble for your roof or siding. We have dealt with weather-related damage for years, and we know just what it takes to make your roof look brand new again.


Storm Repairs

Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction offers professional repairs for storm damages. Our team is available 24/7 for roof repair due to weather emergencies. If your roof has been damaged in a storm and you suspect a leak, give us a call. We will come out and patch it up before any further damage is done.


Roof Replacement Service

Sometimes the damage is severe enough, or the roof is so worn out, that it is necessary to pursue replacement. There are different roof types to consider. Shingled roofs are the most popular option in the United States. They are extremely affordable and easy to maintain. Shingles typically last 20 years. Another popular option is metal roofing. Metal is a highly durable and flame resistant material that will last for around 50 years.

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