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Residential Roofing in Florida and Missouri

Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction has years of experience with residential roofing in Florida and Missouri. 


Our team is dedicated to providing professional and dependable solutions across all of our roofing services. 


We want our customers to have the best experience, no matter if they are getting a simple patch repair done, or having a new roof installed. For service, you can call us anytime at (844) 877-ROOF. Here are a few things we offer to make the process smoother:

  • Free Inspections: We will come out and inspect your roof to determine the best options to get your home back in excellent repair.

  • Emergency Storm Repair: Even on nights and weekends, we are available to take care of emergency repairs before any more damage can occur.


Residential Roofing Service

We have experience in many kinds of residential roofing projects. These are some of the services we offer to help our local communities keep their homes well maintained and protected from the elements:

Repair and Replacement

We can repair any damage that your roof might endure, and also perform replacements if necessary. We offer repairs for storm damage and as a method of maintaining and improving the overall quality of your roof. If it is time for an updated roof, we will help you pick out the ideal materials to create a high-quality replacement for the roof of your home.

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